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The newly developed primary coil of this product is already in the PCB board, no need to be wound on the outside, which is convenient for the fans to install, high efficiency and beautiful. It is a new design. This Tesla coil is safe and will not be electricity. there is no arc, it can only be used to light space. It can be used for students' experiments and curriculum design.
All devices are all in-line, no device is patched, and there are few devices with a high success rate for beginners.

Secondary coil parameters:
Enameled wire diameter: 0.13 mm (with paint 0.15 mm)
Skeleton material: PVC pipe
Skeleton outer diameter: 2 cm
Skeleton height: about 4 cm
Number of turns: 200 laps
Winding direction: clockwise from bottom to top
Package included:
10 x PCB board
10 x Secondary coil
10 x battery packs
10 x Bulb
10 x 105 monolithic capacitor
10 x 8050 Transistor
10 x 20K resistor
10 x 3MM white blue LED

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